Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection – The Second Opinion - The Koalition

Even though Carl's a huge fan of the series, not all is perfect in this Arcade Kollection. As Gary mentioned, the Gamespy powered online modes are practically broken and have a tendency of freezing your console Sub-Zero style. All three games are also incredibly difficult even with the difficulty set to Very Easy. Playing against the AI is more frustrating than fun and without a strong online structure to fall back on many will consider this game to be borderline unplayable.

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Zardos4470d ago

Too many games at the moment and about 6 I've got to review so the Kollection will have to wait until december.

Quagmire4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I'd rather just play the orignial games on MAME considering the terrible port problems. No way am I paying $18 for an undelivered promise of Arcade-perfection.

maniacmayhem4470d ago

Nostalgia should stay nostalgia.

Robotronfiend4470d ago

That's just the way it was in the arcades. If you were too good and had a long win streak, people would quit putting up quarters and just watch you finish the game against the AI. Once you had beat the game or had the AI beat you down with insane cheese, you were off the machine and other people would jump on.

The AI has always been awfully cheap. For example above mid lvl difficulty you were unable to sweep an computer AI opponent. You would start the sweep animation and the AI would throw you. Every. Single. Time.

Without human opponents these games are worthless.


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