Rock Of Ages Review - Critical Hit!

Critical Hit!: "Sisphyus has had enough. The mythological character famously destined to roll a boulder uphill for eternity has finally gotten fed up, and has decided to aim his boulder right down the hill at his captor. Now free from his plight, he begins a journey in which he comes across various historical figures, all of whom wish to challenge him to a duel. A duel, in this case, being a race of boulders.

Rock Of Ages involves you and the other historical figure (who, for whatever reason, has a boulder of their own) simultaneously racing your boulders downhill on adjacent but identical tracks. Your goal is to steer your boulder down a winding path, dodging obstacles set up by your opponent, to try and be the first to get to the bottom and knock down the gate to the enemy’s tower. Because this is also a tower defense game. A tower defense downhill racing game. And did I mention this all takes place in a world that stylistically emulates the quirky Monty Python animations of Terry Gilliam?

Yet how is it that a game so wonderfully mad can somehow manage to have a story mode that ends up being the one thing that an actual Terry Gilliam game would likely never be: dull?"

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