Mario meets Portal, new co-op footage

Button Combo writes: Remember when we showed you the Indie Game being developed by that takes classic Mario gameplay and mixes it up by throwing a Portal gun in there? Well prepare yourself to be even more impressed when you click past the jump to see some co-op gameplay.

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ashbc2697d ago

Just goes to show that thinking with portals can improve anything.

vglulz2697d ago

Couldn't agree more...

DarkCharizard_2697d ago

Gotta admit, this video is freaking genius! :)

Trophywhore2697d ago

Honestly, this is really only a good idea on paper. Adding a portal gun to a mario game takes away all the challenge. You have probably seen all the videos of mario poofing away goombas and portaling over holes. Where is the challenge in that? Portal is great, but only in games specifically designed for it, otherwise, its just hax.

battyschlaps1222697d ago

This looks awesome. I hope they don't get into trouble for making it, but something tells me that Nintendo won't be happy with the growing popularity.

sonnyz2697d ago

I dunno, that other Mario mash up game "Mushroom Kingdom Fusion" that violates copyright laws from like 10 different games is still up and running.

fluffydelusions2697d ago

Nintendo should just hire these guys and publish this game lol.

DragonKnight2697d ago

I want to play this. Someone should do this with SMB 3, and get to the Bowser fight, and make him infinitely fall through portals when he jumps to squash you. Tell me you wouldn't laugh your a$$ off after seeing that.