Namco BANDAI wins the first round against CD Projekt RED

DSOGaming writes: "A while ago, we informed you about the lawsuit of Namco BANDAI against CD Projekt RED. And sadly, the 'early outcome' of that lawsuit is not as good as the developers were hoping to as Namco BANDAI won this first round."

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ksense2630d ago

that sucks. I can't blame Namco Bandai either because they have the right to feel slighted when cdprojekt release a drm free version of their game on and tried to pocket more money.

this is the reason why digital release of ps3 games cost 59.99 when they first release on psn because you don't want to piss of the retailers like game stop and amazon by offering it at a lower price and enticing people to download them instead.

john22630d ago

True.dat. Now let's wait and see what will happen on September 27th

Criminal2630d ago

Wonder whether the DRM will return if Namco wins the second round. It'll be interesting to see how the whole thing pans out.