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Yi-Long2630d ago

... I wonder how many gamers will buy this game on Day One, knowing that within 12 months there will probably be a bigger and better and cheaper edition released including all the DLC.

MaideninBlack2630d ago

Lol I won't be buying this until atleast six months later.

solideagle12630d ago

all who wants to enter in tournament and fighting games are their living. :)


Baka-akaB2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

how many ? pretty much everyone that doesnt care and already used buying dlc for their other games and yearly editions of those ...

Either way , if you wanna wait , wait . The real question would be , if not being able to play the game for at least 8 months "just" to make a discount , worth it .

Everyone's mileage will vary , mine is , not worth it .

It's not as if its some game i bought day one and arent even playing till i burn my backlog , and could have bought instead new at a discount . it's something i'll play on an basically daily basis .

Not mention , that it would be a shame , if (of course a big if) in the end no new version is out as expected , a few month later . A waste of time then .
Umvc3 happened because the intial game isnt up to everyone's expectation , ontent wise , and they scrapped their original dlc plans to just release a new disc . If SFXT is good in those areas , dont expect a new version for at least a year , and just dlcs .

But again , just my personal opinion and take on the matter .

Simon_Brezhnev2630d ago

I know im not sick of capcom i only bought 2 games from them this generation.

Michael-Jackson2630d ago

You didn't know?

It will not include any the DLC if there's another version. Capcom has taken it to another level.

no Street Fighter IV costumes dlc went into Super.
no Street Fighter IV dlc and Super costumes dlc went into Arcade edition.

Instead all of them can be bought and used in the later version.

Same story with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

No Costumes and No Jill and Shuma Gorath, you will have to buy them for Ultimate.

This is because they don't want to piss people of who bought the dlc in the first place but at the same this will annoy people who questions why the dlc isn't in the newer version.

Conclusion: the can't keep everyone happy.

Fact is, the never version of a fighting game from Capcom game will ever only include a bunch of characters, new moves, animations, balancing (from feedback and from massive amount of play time) and maybe modes. Keep in mind that this isn't as easy as just creating new characters.

MakiManPR2630d ago

Those who dont wanna miss this awesome game. Also all competitive players.

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Ddouble2630d ago

I'm liking it a lot. Love the art

VTKC2630d ago

I wonder what the Ultimate Street Fighter X Tekken looks like.

tiffac0082630d ago

Ono and Harada should have a special box art as well, they way their promoting the game. lol! XD

tarbis2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Fuck yeah, I'd buy each and every expansion just for those 2 bastard's boxart. XD
If they have themselves as DLC, I'd buy them too.

tiffac0082630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Super Ultimate Street Fighter X Tekken: Developers Edition: Directors Cut lol! XD

TXIDarkAvenger2630d ago

Meh, I probably won't get this day one because there's obviously going to be an ultimate version in 6 months, but if I do get it Day 1 then I don't really care. I mean I got SF4 and I don't care for super/arcade/etc...

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