The 7 Sexiest Zombies in Dead Island

"While you and your eclectic crew of survivors are wandering by the pool side and ignoring the crazed zombies strapped by straitjackets, you might find yourself stumbling on one of these rare beauties. Or one of their limbs. Or maybe slipping on the inevitable blood on the floor. Either way, they're worth taking that chance on. So brace yourselves, gents, cause you're in for some shockingly sexy photos brought exclusively to all you Complex readers. Because, you know, we love you so much."

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samurailincoln3473d ago

Yeah. Uh, is this an ad or an article? I really can't tell.

Tesseract3473d ago

Someone with this actual fetish is really happy right now.

thats_just_prime3472d ago

its like porno for Jeffrey Dahmer or something