Eidos Montreal creating 350 jobs by 2015

Canadian news site La Presse Affaires is claiming Eidos Montreal will increase its staff to 350 people by 2015, with 100 of them by next year. If this is true, Eidos would be the third largest developer in the Quebec city, behind Ubisoft Montreal and EA Montreal.

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fluffydelusions2637d ago

MOREEEEEEEEE Deus Ex please!!

TheOtherTheoG2637d ago

Good. Human Revolution is fantastic, I heard they're also making a new Thief game as well, which, if they carry over any of the talent from DXHR, should be one of the best yet. Me likey.

Varodor2637d ago

Deus Ex!Deus Ex!Deus Ex!

Nac2637d ago

Aren't they working on another AAA beside Thief?


More Deus Ex ready for the next generation of consoles. I will be a happy man.