How To Make An Awesome Game & Get Rich

VGW: Game Design: Stop doing it wrong! In this episode of VGW’s Scribbles, Kris Maxwell illustrates 5 scientifically-proven steps to get rich by making the best video game ever.

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wallis2604d ago

They left out slagging off other developer's games, having a major figurehead take all the credit for a hundred people's work, having that major figurehead talk nothing but an endless stream of shit and also releasing teaser trailers for teaser trailers for teaser trailers for a countdown of a teaser trailer that announces the release of the demo.

DragonKnight2604d ago

So basically Ninja Theory, Turn 10, and SE? Lol.

wallis2604d ago

Actually I was thinking more of crytek and lionhead when I wrote that.

Depressing to think it's so damn universal that it applies to developers and games I don't even follow.

JellyJelly2604d ago

Or perhaps David Jaffe? (oh no I didn't) ;)

DragonKnight2604d ago

I can do better than this article with really only one step.

Copy CoD to the point it borders on copyright infringement. Done.

Seriously, that's how bad it's become with people's tastes this gen.

AKA2604d ago

gamers love options, variations and a lot of features that why COD get the cash..

casuals dont care about the best tech..

the corp need to start making full games and stop tring to get extra cash in dlc and once they got the sales start taking adventage and making dlc

isntchrisl2603d ago

This video hits the nail on the head... unfortunately...