Bethesda Softworks: No interest in Social Games & iPhone

Pete Hines, the lead designer of The Elder Scrolls V: The Old Republic, has revealed to people about that Bethesda Softworks still has no interest in developing games for Facebook and smart phones. Other large publishers like Electronic Arts are well known as a very different opinion.

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jony_dols2631d ago

Yay! At least they won't be diverting resources to develop shovelware on the Iphone.

I wouldn't mind a portable Oblivion or Fallout on the Vita though....

Muitnorts2631d ago

An Elder Scrolls specifically designed for the Vita would be life consuming.
There's always a chance it could happen, there was a PSP Oblivion planned for a while.

thewhoopimen2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Not all iphone apps are shovelware, just like not all not all people are ignorant. Bethesda avoiding the iApp market is just creating space for competition... Anyway, there is already an elder scrolls like game for iphone/ipads. It's called Aralon... and obviously it will be expanded to the point of Elder sooner or later.

Dovahkiin2631d ago

And this is why Bethesda are my favourite developers.

Istanbull2631d ago

Bethesda you are ze doomz cuz they say that sozial gaming are teh futures...


sikbeta2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

lol worst thing is people actually believing that, no one really thought what's going to happen when this "boom" gets old and oversaturated (really easy with low-ass game budgets and crappy quality) to make people turn around and search something "new" to make the whole cycle goes on again and again? :P

Ulf2631d ago

In before the obligatory "Bethesda won't survive the next gen, where iPhone will be the gaming platform of choice" comments.

This statement gives me some faith in Bethesda, personally. They understand their market well enough to realize that the crippled apps on iPhone just won't cut it for the kind of gamer that is interested in games like Skyrim. That's not something that can be said of all publishers.

Bleucrunch2631d ago

socail gaming is the future...then I guess gaming will die because their is no loyalties in the social or casual markets...they don't buy games consistently...Bravo Bethesda

sikbeta2631d ago

Also, social networks are not reliable at all, look at myspace and others that lost their popularity and are easily replaced with new social things, is going to happen to FB eventually, some other will replace it, and the cycle will repeat itself and...

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