Gamersyde: Assassin's Creed 360/PS3 Video and Image Comparison

Gamersyde has posted the following images comparing the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of Assassin's Creed.

Attached are some of the images. The rest can be viewed by clicking the link.

A link with video comparison has been added. This link includes the screenshots as well.

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RadientFlux4355d ago

looks more a like a test of your TV's gamma settings then anything else

Vip3r4355d ago

I agree with that. More and more PS3 vs 360 comparions seem that way now. But if it keeps the fanboys happy...

MaximusPrime_4355d ago

both are the same despite PS3 being a little brighter. But i agreed with Radientflux

Ignorant Fanboy4355d ago

Look at the close ups, the one with the hay, 360 has better textures.

Hapimeses4355d ago

Really, such comparisons are pointless for anyone but the most anal. Unless there are clear and obvious differences -- something tangible that we can actually see with surety -- then I can't see the point in this sort of post, barring as an opening for the following:

Looks like both systems have a pretty similar looking game. If you like the look of it, go buy it already.

Personally, I will be buying it -- although, not at launch day. I'll wait for Christmas or my birthday (Dec. 6th).

radzy4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

ha ha ha , you ps3 fanboys crack me up . not offensive anymore are we . all defense now , "the gamma on the tv settings", "lazy developers" , "its only been out for a year", etc......
maybe its ps2.5.

p.s. the xbox 1.5 beats your precious and all powerful ps3.just like DAVID and goliath. OWNED

xaphanze4355d ago

same graphics but different tv settings.

bym051d4355d ago

I don't see any texture difference, but I did see more tearing on the PS3 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.