World of Warcraft subscription decline “makes sense” says lead dev. PC is “re-emerging”

PC Gamer writes: "Tom Chilton, lead developer on life-altering MMO, World of Warcraft, has been speaking to us about the recent dip in World of Warcraft’s playerbase and the value of PC as a gaming platform.

Tom says that PCs are on the up, and that the “big spike” and “bigger dip” in player numbers post-Cataclysm is not a cause for concern. This is good news for everyone.

“In a lot of ways I see the PC as potentially a re-emerging sort of platform,” says Tom. “I think that the PC has always offered ways to approach games that you can’t necessarily approach on console, even if it’s just because of UI restraints.”

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StayStatic2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

“I think that combined with the digital distribution in a lot of ways has the potential to me to make the PC a really strong gaming platform going into the future,”

Hell yerrr it does :), i know a lot of peeps who quit WoW and just went Steam heavy with their gaming , can't wait for Dota 2 and BF3 to hit PC gonna be booming :D

dark-hollow2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

An once famous game that has millions of millions of online players is now declining because they didn't change their core formula and it's now too repetitive.

I think the same will happen to a famous "shooter" in the future....

joab7772603d ago

Pc has a golden window of about 18 months before next gen consoles release. Then consoles will dominate again but not as much. Depending on what consoles do or offer (ie. Virtual reality) their dominance may b short lived. Eventually there will b a merging because tech is moving too fast. If sony or microsoft r smart, they will co opt the pc right now. The problem microsoft has is that they wont b able to sell hardware upgrades for 200% above similar pc upgrades unless the xbox offers something astounding that pcs don't. But consoles always have the advantage of being an single home for gamers.

NYC_Gamer2603d ago

The game is years old people wanna move on

Apotheosize2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I think this is probably true, I mean how long can a person play the same game for? At some point in time you just say alright you know I think im finally done

Sarcasmology2603d ago

The reemergence of PC gaming isn't the cause of WoW decline. Boring, repetitive game-play is.

Seriously...what did Cataclysm add to the regular formula? Climbing trees with on screen buttons? MIND BLOWING!!!!

DirtyLary2603d ago

And the rumored playable panda bears coming down the pipe? This game is not the same.

Too_many_games2603d ago

i enjoy throwing Baby bears off a tree!

TheGameMan2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

yet wow still has 11 million people paying $15 a month to play an 8 year old game and makes more money in a month or two than 95% of all other games released this year, last year, the year before or next will in their entire lifecycles, so, i think they are doing ok!

ChrisW2603d ago

I would love to see how many zombies would come crawling out of their bedrooms if all of the servers and cloud storage banks suddenly went kaput and all client information was eternally lost...

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