Sony’s First PlayStation Tablet Out This Month, Costs $500

To go with its PlayStation Phone, Sony will soon be releasing a pair of wild and wacky PlayStation-certified tablet computers as well. Which, as of today, have most of their release info locked down.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32696d ago

They could be running the tablet industry, but nah, they'd rather price match Apple. When will these companies learn that people are just going to go with the iPad if they have to spend $500 or more?!?!

gamingdroid2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Yup, just ask HP and Motorola. How is Motorola XOOM going and how's that clearanced HP tablets going?

Seems the only one succeeding is Apple and the smaller value tablet/ebook players like Nook.

However, Sony is known to price their products in the [email protected] overpriced range so what do you expect?

gamingdroid2696d ago

Just ran across this article about tablets that echoes my sentiment:

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32696d ago

I really do like Sony's tablet. It's really unique but still appealing to the eyes, unlike most tabs that are out, which look too much like the iPad. Plus they have their own overlay of the Android OS. I wish they would reconsider that price--$300 would've been the sweet spot for me--I'd be in the market to buy more than one at that price. [email protected], Sony...

TheIneffableBob2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Actually, ASUS and Samsung are doing very well in the tablet market because of their competitive pricing. Also, they make excellent tablets.

Raven_Nomad2696d ago

$500 US dollars! People will just get a second job so they can get these!

MintBerryCrunch2696d ago

so im guessing all the people that have bought the iPad have gotten second jobs as well

dark-hollow2696d ago

iPad, galaxy tab 10.1 and almost all the high end tablets cost about the same.

blackburn102696d ago

It only seems to matters when Sony does it. Everything they make is always over priced even when it is basically the same price as everything else.

Cupid_Viper_32696d ago

@ Blackburn. That was priceless. Or as ppl criticising sony on everything would say "overpriced"

DA_SHREDDER2696d ago

I was just talking about this yesterday and got like 20 disagrees. I said the next playstation is gonna be a tab and will come out sooner than later, next thing i know, boom, ps tabs out this month. Only thing is though, its not bc with ps3 or ps2, and I don't see this thing doing ps4 games so what the hell is really goin on? Sony is schizophrenic at this point.

dark-hollow2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

You are wrong.
This is not an official new playstation platform.
It's sony android tablets, the S1 and the S2 both running on android OS honeycomb version.
They are "playstation certified" so they can play ps1 games that can be downloaded via playstation suite.

blumatt2696d ago

It would be cool if they had bluetooth so you could use your DualShock 3 controller to play games on it. I'm still not gonna spend $500 for one though. haha Make it 300 and I'll consider it.

skrug2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

these are not 'PlayStation' tablets. and it's a few months since it was known sony was going to make tablets. These are just PS suite certified..

caliman872696d ago

Just like in boxing, you can not expect a new tab to take on the champion going toe to toe. Bad idea.

Zanarkand2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

At least its not...

...599 US Dollars... ...599 US Dollars...

...599 US Dollars... ...599 US Dollars...

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