Trackmania 2: Canyon is FUN; A custom fun track that deserves your attention

DSOGaming writes: "Trackmania 2: Canyon’s multiplayer beta is available to all those who pre-ordered it and as you may already know, it comes with a track editor. Some users have already created various custom tracks and here is today a crazy and fun track by Misacorp."

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Shadow_DR22631d ago

One thing I really like about Trackmania is that any Single Player track can be recreated in the Stage-Maker/Editor Mode. Watching this video and all the crazy types of track types there are makes me wonder just how many hours the fan base is gonna spend on making those rediculous awsome tracks you see in Multiplayer and Youtube vids.

ATi_Elite2631d ago

Trackmania has some very unique features and crazy tracks.

Oh and one more thing Trackmania 2 has the best graphics of any racer hands down. watch the video again and notice how the car gets dirty in real time as it hits the dirt trail.

Shadow_DR22630d ago

Oh yea I forgot to mention that, Trackmania always has had very good graphics. Also, I think they may be adding a little bit of cosmetic damage to the cars. Notice how the hood fell off. Wonder what else can be broken off?