Diehard GameFAN: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

DHGF: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is more than a great game, it’s practically a miracle, as it’s a sequel/prequel to a cult favorite franchise that mostly does its predecessors proud despite not being associated with the original development team, and still manages to be a great game in its own right. The story is excellent overall, featuring some outstanding character development and a myriad of believable and well written twists and turns that keep things exciting and well paced. The game looks and sounds excellent, and the gameplay is easy to learn and quite deep, thanks to a game world that offers numerous ways to accomplish every task and encourages experimentation and exploration. The game offers an excellent amount of variety and depth, as well as multiple difficulty levels, branching side quests and Achievements to keep players coming back for more beyond the first playthrough with no though about it. However, the endings of the game feel hollow to a point and don’t resolve as much as they should, if anything, the boss battles lack the variety and multi-dimensional aspects of the missions that precede them, and the game falls into the same trap as similar games that offer stealth gameplay, at least as far as the AI is concerned. These issues do little to detract from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, however, as the final experience is a great one, and one that is easy to recommend to anyone looking for something substantial to keep their attention.

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