Why A Tablet Is Invaluable To Gamers

CanuckGirl83 of WTG writes: "...I used to sit there with my laptop consulting maps for location collectibles and YouTube videos for how to do tricky tasks. The laptop was always too bulky, I hated hunching over it, and keeping it on my lap made my legs too warm. Talk about first world problems!"

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Trunkz Jr2608d ago

As a laptop? Good replacement. As a gamer tool? nah not really...

iamnsuperman2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

"As a laptop? Good replacement" depends on what you use it for. Just surfing the web maybe but for work typing on the screen and not a keyboard is much harder. Spencer Kelly (UK BBC tech guy) basically said on a programme what apple (with the ipad) has done is sell you a laptop without a keyboard or mouse. The term laptop is iffy their as well as they are less powerful for the same price of a laptop

For gamers it might seem useful to put all the HUD on the controller but looking down for ammo count when its on the screen seems a little backward to me. It is useful to have a map or something like that(pause menu or inventory) but is the expensive worth it at the moment. Probably not but when the price drops it may be. As a standalone console its stupid because of smart phones doing very similar things but smaller and also has the function of making a call.