Why Halo in 3D will be awesome

Now that the news has settled regarding Halo Anniversary's 3D functionality it seems that the 3D effect isn't simply going to be a cosmetic one adding the usual depth effects we've seen in countless 3D enabled games thus far.

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bunt-custardly2602d ago

3D has the potential to be incredible here, more so than the recently announced Gears 3D even, as Epic added that in later in the game where we can assume 343 has been working these new visuals from day one with 3D in mind.

iamnsuperman2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Bit like Uncharted (making it from the ground up with 3D as a focus) but my main concern with both is the amount of people able to enjoy it is going to be very small. I know it is good for games to do this well to encourage 3D TV sales but I think they (more looking at Sony)need to release more low costing 3D displays and then worry about implementing them into games. I want to enjoy 3D without thinking I have just spent a grand just to have this feature. If it was done that way round 3D will defiantly be the new HD and will have a quicker adoption

mindedone2602d ago

Considering the people making the tvs are not the same as those making the games, even with completely separate budgets, one does not exclude the other.

NukaCola2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )


When playing this in 3D. Is the REACH engine only in 3D or when you hit the flashback button and play the original Xbox version, will that be in 3D too?

I didnt know if the original version was touched, I assume they still polished it up a bit and increased the frames. I love how the tech works, I think all remakes whould have this feature. Expecially if they do a remastering of MGS. It would be cool to switch back and forth between the MGS4 Fox Engine or whatever new version is coming out, and the classic PSX/PC version.

gw4k2602d ago

Equipped with 3D? Funking unreal! TeeHeee!

KingSlayer2602d ago

3D gaming is stunning. If Gears or Halo can use the tech, more power to them.

Cpt_kitten2602d ago

stunning at how horrid it is, killzone 3 was a blurry mess

really if you need glasses to seem depth in a game or movie you should really get your eyes checked out because there is no need for this silly gimmick

KingSlayer2602d ago

Blurry? Maybe on a shitty set. My 240hz, LED 3D TV differs with your opinion. KZ3, Socom 4 and MotorStorm Apoc are lovely in 3D.


Have you actually played anything other than Killzone 3 in 3d? Killzone and Nba 2k11 were probably two of the worst 3d games I have seen. The other games are decent but IMO they are just to subtle.

These developers need to stop being afraid (or lazy) and put a real effort into 3d, if it is to succeed like it should in video games.

Captain Qwark 92602d ago

i agree 100% with Cpt, i can i can easily understand depth when looking at a 2D image, i dont need glasses to help with that...the only time 3D is cool is when things pop out at you, but that happens so few and far between that it is irrelevant. the only thing 3d adds to the experience for me is blur effects, added cost, and making me wear glasses ( which i dont want to do, my vision is perfect, dont need them, dont want them )

creatchee2602d ago


You could play SOCOM 4 on alien technology and that still wouldn't make that turd pretty.

I played Motorstorm in 3D though. Very impressive and a promising indication of what 3D gaming can do.

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militant072602d ago

yea, but im very dissapointed to hear that its multiplayer will be same as Reach multiplayer.

God, I hated reach multiplayer :(.

lategamer2602d ago

343i is bring out a patch to update Reach multiplayer.

It will include playlist that mimic Halo: CE playstyle, less bloom, Halo: CE style Pistol, etc.

Not the same as Halo:CE multiplayer, but the next best thing IMO.

towelie12882602d ago

yea cant wait for the TU
will be playing alot more halo
loved the Halo CE pistol

CYCLEGAMER2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

3D gaming will never really take off or succeed until developers actually put some real thought into implementing 3d into their games.

The simple 3d add on crap is not going to cut it, things need to go deep into the screen and also come way out of the screen (far out). The only two games that I have seen tap into this kind of 3d is Stardust, and to some extent Black Ops.

I heard avatar has really good 3d but I have never played it so I cant speak on it.

VINNIEPAZ2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Man you gotta try the Motorstorm 3D PSN game. That game mud, water and dirt flying out the TV. Best 3D effect I've seen yet in a game. If I hold the right side of the DS3 in my palm (which is how I play) I have to been the hell outta my thumb. I dont like playing with the controller loose in my hands. With the 360s I can hold the whole side of the controller and not have to do that. Its a fact, what would be any point in making that up?

ginsunuva2602d ago

But then every article writes... Is X ps3 game useless in 3d?

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