Sony Japan Announces Limited Edition (And Pretty) PS3

Japan is getting yet another special edition PS3: Sony announced [press release in English] the so-called “PlayStation3 NINOKUNI magical edition” bundle pack for the local market today.

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chaldo2603d ago

It looks sexy.. gimme :(

Klaykid1232603d ago

I find electronics sexy too. Too bad I had to surgically remove my e-peen from the disc slot.

FAGOL2603d ago

Oh come on release these limited editions in the west already.

buddymagoo2603d ago

I know, we need limited edition too! I would have bought this for my girlfriend because she would have loved it and it would be in my possession (mwuahaha.)

sikbeta2603d ago

If only... come on SCE, at least some matte PS3s in Blue, Green, Red...

Skate-AK2603d ago

Oh mannn that is sexy looking. It sucks that when the US gets bundles they are just a regular slim with a game packaged with it.

lifesanrpg2603d ago

Interesting color. I like the pearly gold

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