NASA MMO hopes ‘to reach 15-74 million kids’

Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond, a NASA-based MMO for children, aims to reach 10-64 million kids within the United States plus a further 5-10 million young people elsewhere in the world, according to developer Project Whitecard.

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japanesedudegirl2603d ago

Kids love outer space and space ships, this makes sense.

MaxOpower2603d ago

What! No, this makes no sense. Go ahead a name just ONE MMO, free-to-play or not, that have reached that many "kids", even WOW can't comped with numbers like that.

NASA should really have made their homework, before going into the MMO marked. This is just sad....

Letros2602d ago

They plan to license it to schools, which would likely be funded by the Gov with emphasis on STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Seems more than reasonable.

MaxOpower2602d ago

Yeah, because kids just loooooove educational games.

Letros2602d ago

Kids need an introduction to science and mathematics at an early age, this is a pretty viable alternative to handing them a science book and scaring them off.

japanesedudegirl2602d ago

Wow! I think NASA trying to keep interest in kids in anyway is important. The loss of the space shuttle is pretty sever. NASA now has no active space ship. A space program with no space ships is way more sad than NASA trying to drum up support through an MMO.

Xristo2602d ago

Hey, it's better than being tortured with Carl Sagan "Cosmos" episodes.....<shivers> I'm still traumatized...

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