BioWare: Revealing Tali's Face 'Would Seem To Make Sense'

Dealspwn: 'There was a lot of anticipation surrounding the culmination of one's relationship with Tali in Mass Effect 2, because the whole thing teased us with the inferred promise of revealing the Quarian's face for the first time...only that didn't happen at all.

Understandably, we asked several BioWare reps point blank a couple of weeks ago whether or not we'd finally get to gaze upon the face of Tali'Zorah nar Rayya.

'It would seem to make sense,' said project manager Ryan Warden. 'Mass Effect 3 will look to answer...

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Lou-Cipher2603d ago

Good, I want to know who I shagged in Mass Effect 2. :)

Raven_Nomad2603d ago

My first playthrough I went with her as well, then when I tried for my perfect playthrough I went with Miranda.

Septic2603d ago

Lol imagine if her face was proper F***** up- like testicles hanging out of her earlobes and some baraka like teeth. THAT would be brilliant.

Miranda all day any day (yes I'm vain).

BladedTech2603d ago

Might not be a good idea for the people who has sex with her. Because if she's ugly, then you'll end the relationship in ME3.

Kee2603d ago

Wouldn't she like catch a life-threatening cold or something if she took off her mask?

FrightfulActions2603d ago

In ME2, if you're male Shepard and choose her as the love interest, she mentions she had to take a lot of herbal supplements and immunoboosters before they got together. Granted it never shows more than removing her mask then kissing, followed by them both fully dressed laying in bed cuddling. But it's kinda implied they got pretty intimate. The next time you talk to her, she says she has a horrible fever - but was worth it. It didn't kill her. Though it was still a heavy risk, even with all the medical aid and Mordin's terrific booklet of sex advice for Shepard. If a Quarian were to just remove their mask without being prepared for it, there's a good chance they'd have a life-threatening cold. But again - Tali practiced safe kissing with Shepard. Seemed to come out okay. As soon as he took off her mask, the camera moved away and didnt show her face. The situation where she reveals her face might be similar to that, only this time the camera doesn't give us the middle finger. Long story short, no, she should be able to take off her mask and be okay with Shepard again if she prepares properly.

Kee2603d ago

Ah, see that's dialogue I'd have missed, didn't try it on with Tali. Thanks for the info :)

SageHonor2603d ago

Tali having sex with Shephard?


Bay2603d ago

I think it'd be better if they introduce how Quarians look like early on in the game - that way, we're all already used to it by the end. Maybe have most of their masks become sort of see through, or some scenes where they don't have their masks on or something, I dunno.

FrightfulActions2603d ago

Doesn't sound like such a bad idea really. Perhaps even subtle hints, like a quarian soldier's corpse laying on the ground with the visor broken, so any curious player who happens to notice and zoom in and see. Or maybe you're investigating a possible crash site or something and find one laying on the ground face first. There's a minicutscene where you get on a knee to turn him over and it shows his face through a shattered visor with some gorey wound in the chest. Shepard would be all "poor bastard never stood a chance" - Less you're just neutral about it. Then it's a simple "I should go."
Either way, sounds interesting...

CBaoth2603d ago

There's zero chance of her being ugly. C'mon with that body? Besides we're talking Mass Effect here not Dragon Age. Even saying that I would've tamed that lass Adeline if they would've let me.

Throw a wig on Sinead and she's still way better than any of the butter faces in the Elder Scrolls games.

FrightfulActions2603d ago

There's zero chance of her being ugly. C'mon, with that personality? :P

My Shepard will stay with Tali regardless of her facial attraction however. He fell in love with her personality; her being beautiful beneath that visor will just be... a very nice bonus. :)

Septic2603d ago

You say that but if she took her helmet off and her face looked like what Jabba the Hut excreted after eating 12 year old expired porridge, we all know you'd dash out of the Normandy faster than a dog in Chinatown.

FrightfulActions2602d ago

@Septic I never said anything about what I'd do, I said what my Commander Shepard would do. He has already seen her face, and didn't even blink or flinch at it. I take that as a sign that it wasn't something too hideous. If you inquire what /I'D/ do, frankly I doubt I'd care what Quarians look like at the time because I'd be too traumatized by Batarians, Vorcha and Salarians. If I saw something like that I'd probably be running to wherever I left my sanity.

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