Need for Speed:The Run hands on impressions (ITF Gaming)

ITF Gaming took a trip down to the EA Offices in Johannesburg, last week, and we got to have a little hands-on time with a demo of Need for Speed: The Run. What started off as a challenge to beat the EA office time of 2 minutes 38 seconds in Desert Hills, turned into me not wanting to leave the drivers seat at all. This was due to the fact that this title is addictive, fun, fast paced and looks absolutely stunning.

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RedDragan2606d ago

Rewinds. Because kids cannot race these days. Sigh.

RedDragan2604d ago

I have a much better solution, I won't buy it.

Quagmire2606d ago

Damn this game looks sexy. Looks as good as GT5, and that was only for one console!

Frostbyte 2 ftw!

ITFGaming2606d ago

We got to play an early demo version and it looks amazing. EA is out to impress lately.