OpposingViews - First Impressions: Kinect Disneyland Adventures

RichardArceeCardenas "At this year’s D23 Fan Expo in Anaheim, California, I had a chance to finally play a game that I had only previously seen at the 2011 E3 show months earlier. Kinect Disneyland Adventures is a virtual representation of a day at the Disneyland Resort which utilizes the Xbox 360’s motion controlled Kinect system allowing each player to actively interact with the events on screen."

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NukaCola2629d ago

So you can literally do everything in the part? If it had 3D then that would be pretty cool if you ask me. I know some love Kinect and some hate it, and as I don't really like much of the current software, I am a royal Disney nut, and would bite just for my love of Walt's world.

NBT912629d ago

I dunno, I am a big Disney nut too, but even I can not condone buying this one.
The rides are presented as mini games loosely themed on the rides, the only other thing to do is roam around (which you can do in Google Earth) and collect autographs.

It does seem to be a very accurate rendition of DisneyLand. However that also baffles me a bit too, this would have been better IMO if it was Disney World instead of DisneyLand... they could have sold Epcot as DLC that way too, which I would have liked XD

NukaCola2629d ago

It seems like a cool concept. I mean I dont know how the hell Kinect will work with everything. Seems like a point and click(or wave to move) kind of game. But if its a good game, Ill get it. Plus my daughter will like it, and regardless of how 'gay' people call motion gaming, my kid loves move and kinect titles cause she can play them well. She is actually a big Flower fan too since its simple and fun.

disturbing_flame2629d ago

i think this Disney software gonna be a huge seller this holiday season.

Skateboard2629d ago

Hot, Snow White is going to make this a system seller.

HeavenlySnipes2629d ago


Uncharted, eat your heart out

PCE2629d ago

This will help push Kinect/Xbox360 sales!!!

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