Epic: Gears 3 success could signal extended dev times

Mike Capps waiting to see if fans appreciate extra polish

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TBM2631d ago

as long as story is better, the nasty textures from part 2 are gone, and it has better boss fights then I see no problems.

Fishy Fingers2631d ago

Its tough to call such things based on the results of a huge franchise. Whether it see's an 18 month or 36 month dev time, the game will be successful and sell in high numbers, based on brand alone. Feedback post launch will be the true indication I guess.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32631d ago

But to fans of the game it seems like forever. They could've did a better job on dlc to keep the game fresh, which is what I suppose they'll be doing this time around.

gamingdroid2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

It also depends on what that "extra" development time is put into. Is it "polish" or is it to fix that terrible game mechanic?

Good games that get polish tends to turn into great games and great games turn into excellent games, while excellent games turn into GOTY contenders.

Great games with wide appeal tend to sell well so it is no surprise!

Raven_Nomad2631d ago

You can definitely tell the difference between Gears Of War 3 and Gears Of War 2. The extra time has done nothing but help the game. The beta was hands down the cleanest, best beta I've ever been a part of.

Epic has heard the call of the fans and has answered admirably. I'm a huge COD fan, but I can appreciate the longer dev times of a Gears 3. You get a lot more in the way of surprises when you have a longer dev time.

Not sure even a 2 year dev time is enough to make significant changes to a game. Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2 also had a three year dev time and look how that turned out.

STICKzophrenic2631d ago

Mass Effect 2 didn't have three years. Mass Effect released in November 2007, while, Mass Effect 2 released January of 2010, which is only a couple extra months.

harrisk9542631d ago

When you are talking about a game franchise like Gears of War (or Halo or Call of Duty or God of War or Metal Gear), love them or hate them, the name alone is going to sell millions of copies of the game. The extra development time to fine tune the game is great and adds polish, but to say that Gears is going to sell more because of that is a dubious statement. This is a game that has been finished for over a year and was put off by MS so that they would have an exclusive "big gun" this holiday season. But, this game would have sold millions whenever it was released, even if it was not a great game.

A big sequel in a franchise will sell well (probably outselling its predecessors in a series due to hype). The problem is that if it is not a good game, or if there is no innovation, the next sequel may not sell as well and you risk losing your existing fan base and, certainly, any people who are new to a franchise.

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