New Dynasty Warriors PS Vita Screenshots Revealed

Tecmo Koei Europe has today revealed a small selection of new screenshots taken from the upcoming PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) version of the widely respected Dynasty Warriors videogame franchise. As yet unnamed, the work in progress is currently referred to simply as Dynasty Warriors PS Vita.

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MasterCornholio2603d ago

wow the 3ds cant even produce visuals that are even close to that. Looks pretty good for a portable game.

LOL just kidding i have seen better looking games on the vita plus i was never a fan of dynasty warriors.

dragonyght2603d ago

its a Dynasty Warriors games what did you expect graphic always take back seat for the sake of enemy count and such

MasterCornholio2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Ay dios mio. Es que no me has ententido nada

Look i know dynasty warriors is about using a character who is almost super human to fight against hordes of enemys but i have seen games like that with better visuals.

Anyways its great for people who love the franchise but my opinion still stands. I personally dont like dynasty warriors because the combat gets stale after a while. I know because i played the one of the games on the PS2. Maybe the vita version will be better but so far it looks like the same type of thing.

Thank you for your response though i appreciate your civil behavior.

I agree with the posters below it looks extremely close to the console version. The vita is one beast of a machine and its probably going to be the best portable ever created.

dragonyght2602d ago

@MasterCornholio "Ay dios mio. Es que no me has ententido nada"

sry m8 i kinda misunderstood your comment

mathsman2603d ago

I'm actually lookign forward to this - can't get enough DW!

tmoss7262602d ago

Almost on par with the console versions. That's ridiculous.

jujubee882602d ago

The game appeals to both eastern and western market. It would come as no surprise if this title is one of the (if not the #1) best selling launch window title for the PS Vita.

It has the gfx, gameplay mechanics which show off the vita and, the whole Dynasty Warriors brand to it. It could be a huge hit in terms of the masses.

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