He Put Minecraft in Minecraft So You Can Play Minecraft While You Play Minecraft

Hans Lemurson builds redstone computers in Minecraft, which led to the joking question of whether he could build one that plays Minecraft. Well, the answer is yes, sort of.

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wallis2695d ago

From a technical view this is mindblowing.

From an average player's view it's bizarrely complicated and unnecessary. But I guess nothing embodies the spirit of minecraft quite like bizarrely complicated and unnecessary constructions. (I have a floating fortress and a helix shaped sky scraper in my save... hardly necessary to my survival).

Notch should see this. I think he'd be proud with the things people can do with red stone.

rattletop2695d ago

it's supposed to be YO DAWG!!!....

Spenok2694d ago

Ridiculous. WELL done! Well done.