PSNow! - Ruin (PS Vita) Preview

Gender has a screed hack'n'slash that almost merges with the history of video games. Smite Deal has always been highly valued among gamers, with a special tradition and devotion to the Middle Ages. Undoubtedly, one of the most influential titles of the genre was Diablo, the inspiration of having drunk the A-RPG for more than a decade. Ruin comes to looking for a base that source, a principle around which to fly their own proposal. We will deepen it.

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thereapersson2630d ago

I might just buy a Vita for this (as if I don't have enough reasons already). I'm so stoked for the Vita!

MasterCornholio2630d ago

Reminds me of Diablo but you can create your own dungeons in it and raid other peoples lairs. I hope its a great game because i love diablo and having it on the go would be fantastic.

This is how you create a Next Generation Portable.