Bethesda: "We've improved our bug testing for open world games"

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series from Bethesda have a reputation for buggy launches, with some gamers reporting corrupted saves and system crashes, but the publisher says that it's improved and will "continue to get better" at it.

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Kran2602d ago

We'll see...

The thing that bugged me about Bethesda is that they not long said "Bugs aren't always bad" They are 99% of the time. Why are they called bugs? Because they "BUG" people of course.

dktxx22602d ago

Well the paintbrush bug was pretty fun, and it kind of added to the oblivion experience in a small way. I'd actually hate if the weren't a few bugs like that. SO some bugs can be good, just the ones that crash things.

Dark_king2602d ago

Item duplication was a great bug

dangert122602d ago

you would hate it if something was not ment to be in the game actually wearn't in the game? lol wow

JsonHenry2602d ago

I would hate to be a bug tester/finder for open world games.

Stealth2k2602d ago

believe it when seen..........

Kos-Mos2602d ago

And you should if you got some pride in your work.

fluffydelusions2602d ago

Haven't personally brought New Vegas yet as I'm waiting for GOTY version but I've seen some hilarious bugs on youtube.

DarkTower8052602d ago

NV is definitely more buggier than F3, but still loads of fun. I just recently got trapped inside of a rock. Like a dumbass I didn't think of fast traveling out of it for about 5 minutes lol. On the ps3, the major bug for me was the framerate issues. But like I said, the game is still really fun.

RedDead2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

The bugs are a nuisence so far from what i've play, just save often and make sure Auto save is on. Other than the bugs it is better than Oblivion and Fallout 3

Mhy bugs have been slow downs(1 frame per 5 seconds) and freezes, then I gor stuck in a tree....I forgot about Fast travelling altogether....turned it of in anger :/ (retard)

Dark_king2602d ago

I got stuck falling.couldn't fast travel out of it had to reset.Really sucked but I don't blame the devs they just don't have the man power to test the million different things you could do to cause bugs to appear.I do blame them for Saves going bad and FPS drops(large FPS drops like 15-25 fames of 30 are just uncalled for,5-10 when alots happening I don't mind) as those are something that should be a high priority to make sure it doesn't happen.I also don't like getting stuck as a vampire because I can't finish the cure quest.Although my girlfriend thought it was funny as hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.