Most Beta Testers Would Recommend SWTOR to Friends

We received a screenshot of a poll supposedly published in the beta forums for SWTOR. It’s unofficial but based on the same question that testers are reportedly asked throughout their experience in the beta version of the game.

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Spinal2604d ago

Im unsure of Swtor after those hutball pvp vids ive never gotten bored from watchin pvp before.

silvacrest2604d ago

i agree but that wasn't standard PVP

Spinal2603d ago

Yeah i know but its not the idea of the hutball pvp game that bored me. Its the fact that none of the classes did anything special in terms of use of skills and abilities so on. Did you see anything special? an I watched quite a few vids with different POV's granted not every class has the POV I wanted to see a sith warrior POV. but they didnt even do much in vids i saw anyway.

I saw the conquest pvp mode on guild Wars 2 and was Wow'ed by the elementist tornado form used for AOE damage and the eletrical teleportation just to name a few of what i was seeing.

FlashXIII2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

What are "all" those pvp videos? I've only seen two of the trooper class and tbh I completely agree they look BORING and pvp should never ever look boring.

Also I hope those who would recommend it aren't the epic obsessed sheep of the WoW generation and instead veteran mmo gamers.

R_aVe_N2604d ago

I would not recommend it at all.... It is very boring even by MMO standard.

theEx1Le2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Are you in the beta?

@below, nice. I'm not really there for Pvp tbh. not right away anyways as it will be my first mmo. How does the story progression seem, cause right now thats all i care about.

Drazz2604d ago

I am, and its 70/30 fun/boring.

Perjoss2604d ago

have to agree with raven

silvacrest2603d ago

i said the same thing about WOW, didn't stop millions from playing it ever day