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Gamespot: "Poor Sisyphus. For his trickery and arrogance, he was sentenced by the gods to roll a boulder up a hill, only to see it roll back down. Then he had to repeat this grueling and pointless task over and over again for all eternity. At least, that's the official version. But who could endure such a fate? Surely, the temptation to harness the power of that rolling boulder and break free of captivity would be too great to resist. In Rock of Ages, Sisyphus makes lemonade out of lemons, using his giant rock to escape the underworld and set off on a journey that sees him clashing with some of history's greatest leaders and conquerors. In this spirited game of assault and defend, it's enjoyable to smash into and roll over the opposition. But the defensive elements of the game don't pull their weight, making this boulder's journey throughout history a woefully uneven one."

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