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NowGamer - As if to irritate everyone in the world who has ever noticed or enjoyed a naming convention, DeathSpank 3 has decided to drop the moniker of its lead character and instead go straight for a subtitle. Which, we suppose, now makes it the main title. But it’s still a DeathSpank game – oh, is it ever still a DeathSpank game.

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DrFUD2630d ago

The gameplay is better on this one but it still isn't a game with great gameplay by any stretch of the imagination.
Playing a Deathspank game for the gameplay is a waste of time regardless of how much better it is.
The only reason to play Deathspank games is because they are funny.
Unfortunately this one is not funny at all so it's a waste of time.

xabmol2630d ago

"if you’re a newcomer to the series then it really doesn’t matter where you begin, as the story is ignorable nonsense that plays second fiddle to the compulsive loot and combat."

I disagree. The story and dialouge are the reason I love these games! ...and the reason I never finished Dungeon Hunter.

"if you come to The Baconing as a series veteran and you don’t want anything other than more of the same, you’ll be happy."

Oh, and I am! The new characters are nuts, Take Mutoe for example. Mmmmmm.... Sciency. And the combat feels, just a little, better.

And DrFud, it was me that gave you that disagree. While I agree that the combat isnt anything special, it's not as bad as you make it sound and I did find The Bacon rather funny and filled with Justice.