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The Controller Online writes: "In case you weren’t aware, The Baconing is a new XBLA game in the Deathspank series. I’m still trying to figure out what it means for the series that they dropped Deathspank from the name. He’s still the main character. At any rate, if you’ve played either of the first two Deathspank games you will find much that is familiar. If you are new to the Deathspank series, this is a standalone adventure that you can enjoy for its own merits."

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xabmol2602d ago

Now this is a review I can agree with. And he does have a good point about the multi-player. I mean come on! Maybe if I had a 10 year old sibling, but even then; sharing the same health bar?! Just leave it out and add an extra NPC to talk to. Or... *GASP* Online MP?! If Ol' Death Spank can travel to the past, future, and steve, he sure ass hell can use the internet.