PlayStation 3 growth not surprising

MMGN writes: Early this morning Sony Computer Entertainment Australia reported that PlayStation 3 sales had risen a staggering 400% since a price-cut was implemented on August 22.

The console's price dropped $50 in Australia, while North American gamers saw a $200 price drop. In the UK, the price cut saw a 65% rise in sales.

The price cut, which was first announced during Sony's Gamescom 2011 press conference a few weeks ago, seems to have come at a perfect time, just as the industry enters into conflict as to whether a new generation is needed or not.

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Newsman2630d ago

Wrong, very surprising. Do we not forget the 1 month without service,clarification and shitty compensation. Wrong.

hellerphant2630d ago

I think you've missed the point. This is more about the accessibility of the hardware, the tech catching up, a more affordable pricing model, more exclusives. The service did little to dilute the brand. PSN usage increases proved that.

MaxXAttaxX2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Believe me, I was there when it happened. It wasn't nearly as terrible as people like yourself try to make it sound by blowing it out of proportion.
We're all still gaming better than ever, like it never happened.


Now that makes sense!

Rockstar2630d ago

Well said NathanExplosion, Well said.

Couldn't have said that any better

MastaMold2630d ago

@newsman, what a childish comment so sad this Gen of video games

Marceles2630d ago

Surprising for people that have their mind set on PS3 being DOOMED. For everyone else paying attention to what Sony's been up to, it's not surprising at all.

blackburn102630d ago

Its no surprise. The rest of the world outside the NA seems to have no problem buying the PS3. Its a good system with a nice variety of games.

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sharkk2630d ago

Why make 2 articles 2 hours apart. The first one praising the PS3 price drop and then the second playing it down. I have to admit I was surprised to see the first article written by Gaetano since he loves his 360. Which makes sense with the new article.

RandomDude6552630d ago

"The console's price dropped $50 in Australia, while North American gamers saw a $200 price drop. In the UK, the price cut saw a 65% rise in sales."

lol...i think North America and Australia are swapped here

Tachyon_Nova2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Also the price cut was 'only' $150, from $499.95 to $349.95. However, most retailers here are selling at below RRP by $50, bring the price for the 160GB system to around $299. Most retailers had been selling the PS3 for $469 or lower, I even saw as low as $418 pre price cut in any case, so it still can't really be looked at as a $200 drop.

RandomDude6552630d ago

Then how did North America see a 200 drop?

Tachyon_Nova2630d ago

I'm not saying they did, I don't know how you got that impression from my reply.

RandomDude6552630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Ah i see...too many numbers in the post for me lol. It made it hard to follow

And now....I have failed :-(

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