Madden 12 GamerXchange Review

Thecrapgamer from GamerXchange writes:
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Madden football games. I used to buy numerous football games every year, dating back to the early Madden and Joe Montana Sports Talk Football games. I would sometimes buy four or more NFL games by different companies. Usually Madden, 2K, Gameday and NFL Fever which was back on the original Xbox. I love variety when it comes to sports games. Needless to say when I found ESPN NFL 2K5 it felt like I was finally home after a long journey. The game offered things that nobody had even heard of yet, like online leagues, stat tracking, cribs and a halftime show that actually showed highlights from your game. Competition was a very good thing, when ESPN 2K Sports games were released at a budget price of $19.99, EA had to follow suit. People were free to experience the best of both worlds. Why stick to one game when you could experience them all? Then EA did the unthinkable and bought the exclusive rights to the NFL license. Which meant there would be no more competition. I was personally upset because I knew it would be a while before we got the chance to see something new and inventive in a NFL simulator.

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