PAX 2011:"The Uncharted 3 Experience"

Being my first year at any sort of video game convention, I was pretty excited about everything; but when it came to it, I was ultimately counting down the hours until I could get my hands on some new Uncharted footage, or sit in a tricked-out set up that made me feel like I was actually in the desert with Drake. Either way, like every gaming event, Naughty Dog brought their A-game and failed.

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Da Ill One2604d ago

Yeah I can't even watch footage fully clothed anymore...or I have a mess to clean up...just moist towlettes and a plastic bag

DarkTower8052604d ago

What are you, 14? Dude, nobody wants to know that you're masturbating to Drake.

PRHB HYBRiiD2604d ago

premature ejaculation? cause... the game isn't out yet :)

Pixel_Pusher2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

UC3: Ground & Sky Demo Part 2 HD

blackburn102604d ago

Like Insomniac has seem to done with R3, it sounds like UC3 won't disappoint.

Ares902604d ago

lol, this article is tricky

BiggCMan2604d ago

I love how the description ends the way it does, that's actually really clever, and somehow funny haha. It's like it encourages you to read the rest of it, cause it sounds like he didn't enjoy the presentation. For future reference folks, always read the article!

49erguy2604d ago

Yeah I just saw that and was about to say the same thing. The period is placed there "conveniently."

Anyways the off screen footage floating around looks way better than the beta. Its beautiful!

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