Gamerzitch: Deus Ex Human Revolution Review - In Comparison to the Original

"Iin the game you play as Adam Jenson, which reminds me of JC and Denton (The name of the character from the original game) smushed together into a last name. The game plays from your well known first person shooter perspective, though what differs it from the original Deus Ex, is that there is a 3rd person cover system. This is where it branches away from how the original Deus Ex played."

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Septic2607d ago

The reviewer does raise valid points but his writing style leaves a lot to be desired.

It is true though. There are issues namely:

* Killing innocents- no real repurcussions whatsoever
* AI- quite poor
* Energy bar- getting additional barrs is pretty much redundant because you have abilities (such as takedowns) that take away one whole bar- so you're left scouring for energy boosters
* Forced boss battles

And yet- the game is still great to play. You'll forgive the above shortcomings once you play the game because it is quite immersive and really enjoyable.

2607d ago
loveassassin132607d ago

Please elaborate on what is left to be desired in my reviews, feedback is greatly accepted!

Septic2606d ago

I have PM'd you with my feedback. It was too long to post on here.