Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 site open

Nintendo starts hyping major conference by opening an official site.

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Kamikaze1352606d ago

They better not announce a new model....I just bought a 3DS today >_>

Michael-Jackson2605d ago

It has to be something big to make a conference specific to the 3DS. A new model seems unlikely because of the timing and it will piss a lot of people of so I'll say Pokemon Grey reveal.

jacksonmichael2605d ago

Why pigeon-hole the conference with a name like that? It almost makes you want to take them by the throat and remind them they also have a console on the market...

sinncross2605d ago

Well I guess Nintendo are not too interested in continuing Wii software development over what they may currently be working on. It may also be too soon for them to want to reveal more Wii U info.

The 3DS is the topic of the moment as well... PSV comes out soon... seems to be getting a strong lineup. 3DS focus just seems the most obvious thing to do at this point because they will want to make it look relevant beyond the games they have already shown.

I expect some 1st party announcements at best, maybe some pre-TGS 3rd party stuff.

axisofweevils2605d ago

Judging by that name, there won't be any Wii or Wii U news.

WooHooAlex2605d ago

Well that sucks, no Wii U news?

StarWolf2605d ago

Nintendo doesnt want their 3ds to fail i guess. I doubt much game news. Maybe release dates but mostly 3DS firmware/updates/apps

ronin4life2605d ago

A conference focusing on firmware updates?
This isn't a Sony conference.
Release dates and at least a new game announcement (maybe several, Nintendo isn't going to TGS after all) is what I expect and hope for.
Here's hoping.

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