Mass Effect 3 - New screenshots released

BioWare has released a half-dozen new screenshots for its upcoming sci-fi RPG epic Mass Effect 3.

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TheSoundDefense2605d ago

I want to battle a giant mech suit. D:

tigertron2605d ago

I want to battle IN a giant mech suit. D:


FrightfulActions2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Sadly none of these are actually new screenshots, why is this getting approves? They're the same 6 we say a while back during PAX.

Proof of duplicate -

FrightfulActions2605d ago

Why a disagree? Am I wrong? Did you actually look at the n4g link? It leads to a article that clearly has the same 6 screenshot's that this one proposes are new. Why is this thing 7/10 pending already without any reports? Am I missing something critical here? These screens were already featured on N4G five days ago. The article may lead to a different site than the one previously, but it doesn't have anything really new or different about it other than wording a few things differently.

waltyftm2605d ago

This is N4G mate, they don't need a reason to disagree with you, just a click of the button.

FrightfulActions2604d ago

For the record - I wrote my comments before this posting was approved and was still in Pending. It's unfortunate no one with the ability to vote/dismiss it had time to see my comment apparently. Least News10 is probably going to get a lot of undeserved traffic. Oh well~

Tuxmask552604d ago

You should have listed a dupe report if you really felt it was the same as before rather thank making a comment about it.

FrightfulActions2604d ago

I did try actually, but they won't list just anyone do that. You need to have had sent in a number of articles and have them approved before you're allowed to do that. It's why I posted, I figured someone who could flag it would appreciate not hunting the duplicate link down since I did it for them.

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SageHonor2605d ago

This isnt new.... The guy who sent this as a submission is an idiot.