Madden 2012 on PS3 tells you to visit Xbox live marketplace.

A short video in a franchise that the bottom news feed bar tells you to go to the live marketplace for more info on EA Season Ticket

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golsilva2608d ago

kind of unrelated but for anyone that played fifa games, doesnt the seatle soccer team in the US have 360 logos on their uniforms. So how do they handle that in non 360 verisions?

Forbidden_Darkness2608d ago

Didn't this happen on NFS:Hot pursuit or some other EA game, except the other way around? Im pretty sure I remember that. Think they would learn from such mistakes.

DrFUD2608d ago

Maybe Madden on PS3 is a port?

sackb0y2608d ago

with the dumb glitches ive been dealing with I think they just got lazy and thought about pregame walkouts over gameplay. My center keeps coming out to kick the ball sometimes, and online i lose madden points for completing games.

IAmTheTruth2608d ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3 did this once too.