Recently Discovered Umbrella Corp Website Details Revealed

TGH Writes: A few sites have been mentioning the new Umbrella Corporation website that is used as viral marketing for Capcom. Many of them mention that the site may be related to an unannounced Resident Evil title, more specifically Umbrella Chronicles 2. We contacted a Capcom representative and were told the truth behind the website.

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ShadyDevil2631d ago

I knew it wasnt Umbrella Chronicles 2. Least its nice to see them marketing this title finally.

RockmanII72631d ago

Wait Operation Raccoon City is a PSN/XBLA game? I thought it it was a full $60 game.

Skate-AK2631d ago

It is the website must have made some kind of mistake.

ShadyDevil2631d ago

Yeah our bad. Sorry guys.