VF5 Item Pack 1 revealed

The first downloadable content pack for Virtua Fighter 5 has just gone up on the Xbox Live Marketplace at 300 MS Points.

With three new items for each character (none of which are available in the course of the standard game), that brings the total to a rather healthy 51 items. At just over three pounds, this might seem like pretty good value but when you consider that VF is a game where most players will focus on a single character (with the odd optimist trying to juggle two or three at once), the new items seem somewhat less of a bargain

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goodganja4925d ago

Leave it up to $ega and Micro$hit to charge charge charge charge charge charge charge for Virtua Fighter 5. I knew online would come with a cost.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Keowrath4925d ago

Hmmm, this is actually kinda cool and pretty damn quick if you ask me. (when did the 360 version come out?)

I'm not the hugest fan of Virtua Fighter, I much rather prefer Tekken but I appreciate and respect VF for what it is. DLC to customize your fighter is great, as they say, most people are only really gonna learn one character in a game of this magnatude (more so in VF than tekken because of how in depth the engine is) but some people have been playing since VF1 so surely theres a few people out there who can use more of the roster than just a single character.

After recently starting Tekken5 Online, the want for customizing your favourite character shows to be pretty damn high. And if you enjoy the game to any extent three pounds isn't gonna break the bank.

Grats to all you 360 virtua fighters out there. Cool idea!

highps34925d ago

I would have got it for Ps3 until the whole online thing, now i wont get it for either of my consoles just cause the devs are flat liars.

Have fun! Cant wait for next gen MK