Saving Content: Madden 12 Review

This game may have some of the worst commentary since Al Michaels in Brett Hull Hockey in 1994... But I’m much more satisfied with the way Madden 12 handles Gameflow. Instead of auto picking one play for you, you get a chance to flick between different suggested plays which gives you some degree of control over play calling.

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titans99992629d ago

Dude, you know you can keep your "PRO" skill levle on and adjust sliders under Game Options in the settings menu???

You can adjust your player skill, as well as the computer skill...they both have a HUGE set of sliders that you can adjust....check it out, and if you have any trouble let me know, i can walk you through it step by step

bcrt20002629d ago

There's hidden sliders associated with the skill level in EA games that you can't change. And thats not very accessible. I fully expect the crowd that likes to fiddle with sliders to have already purchased this on day one.