PS3 Collections that You Should Consider

Sony has been producing more and more game collections. Usually sporting around 2-3 games and being sold at a reduced price, these collections are steals. Today I’m going to show you four top notch collections that are worth a look at, as well as when to expect them and how much they will go for.

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TheLastGuardian2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I think PS3 has the best variety of HD collections. Almost all the multiplats and tons of exclusive collections as well.

I already own Resistance FoM and 2, both GOW PSP games. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, MGS2 and MGS3. I'm going to buy The ICO/SOTC Collection day 1. I can wait for a price drop for the MGS Collection.

I didn't own GOW and GOW 2 so I bought that for $30. Half the price, double the platinum trophies ftw. I owned Sly Cooper: The thievius Racoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves all when they first came out on PS2 and bought The Sly Collection day 1, so worth $160.

I can't wait to spend $60 on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time... or is it $50 for Sly games this gen? (Sly games on PS2 only costed $40 at launch last gen). The Sly Collection and Sly Cooper: TiT should be must buys for every PS3 owners if everyone of us were fans of quality 3D platformers with amazing cel shaded art-styles.

Joule2609d ago

already have OG GOW Collection. I'm getting MGS collection day one, GOW Origins at a later date, and considering getting Ico.

jacksonmichael2609d ago

I'm pretty stoked for the Team Ico collection and the Zone of Enders collection... I'm hoping for some collections of the RPG nature... Final Fantasy, Shin Megami, Kingdom Hearts... Get it done, whoever is in charge of that.

jc485732608d ago

Ico and MGS are only worth my time.

Bathyj2608d ago

Everyone should get Ico.
I'll get at some stage,
Splinter Cell
And probably ZOE.
Already have PoP, GoW and Sly collections.

I'd love to see an Onimusha collection (and a Tenchu reboot).

StarWolf2608d ago

im waiting to play uncharted1/2/3 with an Uncharted 3 pack trilogy collection and ill probably eventually get the ICO to see what all the bickering is about.

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