4 New Wrestlers Added To The WWE ’12 Roster

iGG: As November 22nd grows more and more near each passing day, THQ feeds your hunger for more WWE ’12.

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MrBeatdown2609d ago

Has the author been living under a rock or something? All four of those, along with about 50 other wrestlers were confirmed on the Saturday before Summerslam.

The only thing "new" is that THQ added his their bios to the roster page. They've been confirmed and posted on the THQ website for weeks.

StanSmith2608d ago

Obviously it is yourself who has been living under a rock. Every year THQ reveal the full roster and then week by week they unlock their Entrance videos, finishers and their ratings so we can see what they are like in game. This is what the author is getting at.

At least this is informative unlike the majority of fanboy and opinion crap that drags this site down daily.

MrBeatdown2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Did you actually read what I wrote, and what the author wrote? Because you just repeated what I said to me as if you were correcting me.

Saying "4 New Wrestlers Added To The WWE ’12 Roster" makes it sound like four entirely new unannounced wrestlers were added to the currently announced roster. But that's not what THQ did. They updated the profiles for four members of the existing roster. Four new wrestlers weren't added to the roster, as the title states. Four wrestlers had their bio updated.

Hell, the article doesn't even mention the updated status of the bios. The focus is on who the wrestlers are, not the updated contents of their bios.

jbl3162608d ago

MARIOFTW is right. There's 4 guys were confirmed on August 13th. This should have been reported as old news or the headline and article should have been worded more clearly.

tarbis2608d ago

Wow cool Road Warriors. I'm gonna make Vince the WWE Champ hur hur hur... XD

jbl3162601d ago

my bad meant to say @MrBeatdown was correct about this story. MARIOFTW is totally wrong and never read what MrBeatdown said. This is old news lol.