New IPs versus Originality: Why Mario is not overused

“Mario is not overused.” A controversial statement, to say the least. If you’d ask some random gamers what they think, you will likely hear the complete opposite of that every single time. And how could that not be the case? Mario has appeared in over 200 games and is likely the single most used character ever. It’s not just Mario either: Nintendo has Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, and many others as well. Where are the new intellectual properties, the new characters? Do the people at Nintendo have absolutely no sense of originality?

Well, actually….yes. Yes they do.

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jacksonmichael2606d ago

Mario isn't overused, Shulk is underused. Don't know who that is? My point exactly.

Trophywhore2606d ago


Anyway, mario is the definition of overused. Nintendo needs to weene themselves off of old franchises and experiment a little bit. Nintendo hasnt released a creatively new IP since 64 days.

GameTavern2606d ago

Pikmin? Nintendogs? Xenoblade?

Trophywhore2606d ago

Nintendogs? Wow thanks for proving my point.

vglulz2606d ago

Way to ignore the other examples, genius.

Shnazzyone2606d ago

Flingsmash, rhythm heaven, Professor Layton, Kid Icarus, Luigis mansion.

Meanwhile, we have 4 uncharted games in a single generation, 3 killzone games, 2 LBP, 2 infamous, 4 resistance, 3 gears, 4 halos, 5 Cod titles, 4 assassins creeds all in a single generation... who's unoriginal with their franchises again?

AWBrawler2606d ago

after n64, we got Chibi robo, Custom Robo, Fire Emblem, Endless ocean, Animal Crossing, Pandora's Tower, Disaster Day of Crisis, Another Code.......

I'm sure I'm missing plenty of IPs. people please check your facts when you argue with a video game guru.

AdvanceWarsSgt2606d ago

Not really shocked at the ignorance. With a name like "trophywhore" I'd wager you haven't played a Nintendo console since the 64

Venox20082606d ago

excitetruck&excitebots, endless ocean, pikmin, eternal darkness..can't remember more now

Trophywhore2605d ago

All your B rated games are terrible arguments and only serve to prove my point. Uncharted, halo, AC, and COD are NEW IPS that have been sucessful in redifining what games can do this generation. Nintendo sticks to the same old tired formula. That is just a fact and cant be argued.

ronin4life2605d ago

You never asked for any specific level of quality, so quit grasping at straws here. You were wrong. Deal with it.

AdvanceWarsSgt2605d ago

lol sony trolls like trophy are always the best ones to laugh at because they're always young and ignorant

let me guess, you also believe the playstation controller is original as well don't you?

Please, humor me more with your ignorance

Trophywhore2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

The PS controller was the first to use a dual analog system. A full system too, not the octagon 8 direction stick the 64 was using.

Also, when you try to use games to prove a point, you should at least use good ones. You dont see me including lair or haze on my lis even thought those are new IPs do you? No of course not because that would make me look stupid. As far as im concerned, I am not wrong and you all are just butthurt because you just now realized I am right. Any logical Nintendo fanboy knows that nintendo lost thier creativity 20 years ago. Thats why they stick to mario and zelda. You really call that innovating? Imagine of all Sony did was make FF games and maybe you will see my point. All the innovation ive seen this generation has been from nintendos competition. Nintendo could learn a thing or two from them about how to make good games instead of cheap gimmicks.

gnb20032605d ago

Trophywhore, did you even read the article.

lizard812882605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

The Legend of Zelda (NES) was the 1st game ever to have a save feature, which is a staple of games today.
Mario 64 changed how 3D platformers work forever and pioneered them.
OoT was the 1st game to use lock-ons, which is now a staple in all games today.

so how is Nintendo not innovative? Shoot, lets look at this generation. Nintendo makes motion controls popular, and Sony & M$ follow suit with their own, and even after saying (Sony atleast) That motion controls are dumb.

AWBrawler2602d ago

Again, Do not argue with a Game guru if you don't know your stuff.

You said Nintendo hasn't released a creatively new IP since 64 days. I prove you wrong, then you switch to arguing quality, whereby you then name games not developed by MS or Sony. If I include 3rd party, that list would be a lot longer. If you limit me to 1st party with Nintendo, I'm limiting you to 1st party with MS and Sony

Also how naive can you be. Games that did nothing for gaming? seriously? even Halo Wars developers admitted to taking many cues from Nintendo's Battalion Wars, to get it to work as a console RTS. Also this whole motion craze, Nintendo was the first to make motion mandatory, right? you're trolling a bit hard my friend. Why can't you just admit you don't care for Nintendo instead of trying to lie and convince people that they're irrelevant.

I argue facts not opinions. thats why when someone disagrees with an opinion of mine, i understand it is just "my" view and i don't bother arguing. LESS HATIN' MORE GAMING!

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Madusha2606d ago

Mario can't be overused. Mario is a legendary icon of all gaming.

amilio2605d ago

shulk is from xenoblade lol

Shok2606d ago

As long as they're quality games, why should it matter? I'm sure Sony fans would love the MGS franchise to go on for a long time, and 360 fans the Halo series.

Another thing people gotta realize is that while there is a lot of Mario games, most of them are different franchises and genres.

Super Paper Mario for isn't, isn't really a "Mario" game. It's just Mario THEMED. It's an RPG. Mario himself is featured in a lot of games but those games cover a ton of genres and are completely different and unique.

Mario KART is a separate franchise franchise the SUPER Mario franchise, which is the main one (Sunshine, Galaxy, 64.) Same character and universe, but still a completely different series of games. Same for Halo Wars with the other Halo games.

Mario Party, Strikers, Sports Mix, etc aren't even made by Nintendo anymore. 3rd-party studios actually do those games.

Nitrowolf22606d ago

"I'm sure Sony fans would love the MGS franchise to go on for a long time, and 360 fans the Halo series. "

That's probably true. as long as the games are actually new and not something that seems like an expansion pack then yeah I would want more.

dark-hollow2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Hit the nail on the head!
I've always said that nintendo games are often unique but get slammed with "M1lkZ" because they use their same beloved characters.

I find it amusing how 90% who complain about nintendo milking are ps3/360 owners!

Shok2606d ago

Also, forgot to give other examples.

Yes, Kirby's Epic Yarn is another Kirby game, but is it anything like the past games? Not at all.

Metroid Other M doesn't bare similarity to ANY other gaming franchise period. (Except maybe Shadow Complex, although it's not exactly a franchise.) It's a new and totally fresh experience.

So yes Nintendo continues to use these same characters but it's a unique and quality experience every single time.

HeavenlySnipes2606d ago

MGS should be done. If they decide to go on with Raiden, fine. Snake shouldn't be used as the protag though, then I'd lose respect for Hideo and the guys at Konami

lizard812882605d ago

They say, "look, he is over used". But Mario was quite the guest star back in the day. He was in Punchout as the ref. Should that count as a Mario game? Also, before his platformers, he was in other thinks too, Like wrecking crew, and a golf game (pre Mario Golf), and a racing game (Pre Mario Kart), a Puzzle game (Yohsi), and of course in the Donkey Kong games too.

Mario has been in alot of games, but many of his older games are very different from one another.

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thephillup2606d ago

People say he is overused due to the fact of the amount of story surrounding one character. One character can only have so much back story and so much development before they get stale. However, there basically is no story behind Mario games. That is why Nintendo can keep on using him over and over again without sacrificing originality.

SuperBeast8112606d ago

The true Mario games rock and mario kart its all the cash ins that bear his name that are Horrable mario and sonic olypics? LOL

Ulf2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

These games haven't been released a zillion times. That'd be a welcome thing.

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