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The complaints and insults mean nothing: Dante is no longer the same. Since the new game was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2010, there was a huge wave of rejection on Dante’s new look, who left the stylish white hair to adopt a more modern and less imposing figure.

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zerocrossing2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

How can I make this painfully clear, We "the fans" those who have supported the franchise through its highs and lows for over 10 years, do no want this game and will not want this game, we hate the new look, we hate the new art direction, nothing you have shown us has changed our opinions and there is absolutely nothing new you can bring to the table will do so.

We are fans of the franchise for what it was in its entirety, not solely for its combat or art style but for the character Dante, the story, the gameplay everything about what the franchise was what we liked and what made us fans, this reboot has altered the franchise so it resembles nothing of what it once was and because of that we refuse to acknowledge it as a true DMC game and I for one will not be purchasing it.

I know I don't speak for everyone and what I have said will make absolutely no change to the game being released as it is, but I want everyone to know were the hate is coming from and why it is there, we are not moody or whiney fanboys we are trying to save the franchise we like from becoming one we hate.

Quagmire2630d ago

Im not gonna play this thinking it has anything to do with Dante or Devil May Cry, im gonna play it and rate it based on its own merits.

And so far its looking quite good.

Disgree away.