Top Ten Badass Looking Video Game Characters

There are a lot of different qualities that need to come together to create a great character. Personality goes a long way, but first impressions are key as well. Character development is important, and back-story can help further define a character. Or, you can just make him as badass looking as possible, and hope that makes up for all that. Here are ten characters that we believe actually pulled that off.

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TheBand1t2604d ago

Because the list is called Top Ten Badass Looking

Trophywhore2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Yeah japan has the wrong idea of badass. Characters like Sephiroth, Dante, or Orochimaru dont really convey badass. Their makeup, tight clothes, feminine facial features and long hair conveys something of a homo-erotic nature. If you want to look scary, maybe wear a little less lipstick.

Also, this list is pretty weak. Where is Snake, Agent 47, Zeus (always like him more than Kratos) or Scorpion?

Gamehard2604d ago

Snake should definitely be on here. Sam from Vanquish and Gabriel from Lords of Shadow are also both a bit more badass than half the others on the list.

jc485732604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I don't think they are using the "bad ass" you understand. I do agree that Pyramid is a true bad ass.

Tuxedo_Mask2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

They should change the title to "Top Ten Monster Characters featuring Kratos, War(Darksiders), and Sweet Tooth(Twisted Metal)".

StayStatic2604d ago

Some good ones their , made me remember the last boss from Half-life , that thing looked creepy.

And who can forget the crazy looking terminator thing from the end of mass effect 2 =D

majiebeast2604d ago

Adam Jensen should be on the list and maybe the reaper group from infamous.

user83971442604d ago

Kratos!!! Best character ever!

Mario4life2604d ago

tbh he is a pretty one dimensional character for almost the whole series

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