PS3 Mega TV IPTV in Action

The Korea Times says:

"KT, Korea's dominant telecom operator, and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (SCEK) will launch an Internet-based TV service in November that runs on the PlayStation 3 game console, the companies said Tuesday.

The PS3 console will act as a set-top box for KT's Internet Protocol TV service (IPTV), named Mega TV. The companies didn't disclose the detailed price plans for the service.

IPTV is a high-definition TV broadcasting service that allows users to download programs via broadband Internet and play them on TVs at any time they want. KT and Hanaro Telecom are two IPTV providers in South Korea."

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goodganja4927d ago

Europe and Asia are lucky. US consumers havent got anything in regards to this. But I'm sure it will be here soon enough.

(insert your W A I T B 3 Y O N D pun here Xbots)

B 3 Y O N D

straightpiff4204927d ago

when is this gonna come in north america?? this would def. help boost sales- I wonder how many HD channels you get

Doppy4927d ago

This is why we get games first in America, because we never get features like this on our systems. All we can do is pray for it.

Vip3r4927d ago

Seeing that my internet connection sucks, especially at peak times, IPTV would have been a nice feature. Luckily Europe gets PlayTV in the new year which I might get.

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