Why Steam Would Be An Ideal Solution For All Platforms

GIR's Callum writes: In recent years, online gaming has become the biggest thing out there. I’ve already covered what I think the future of PSN and Xbox Live should look like, but now I have bigger ideas. People don’t just pick up games to play with, at most, one other person. Nowadays, on any system, we can play with dozens of people from almost anywhere in the world. But only being able to play with people using the same console or PC client seems fairly restrictive.

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DA_SHREDDER2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Its cool, but unnecessary because its not cloud based yet. Most people don't have pc's that can run the top notch games that are on the service. With that being said, its cause of those games that gaming pc's and consoles over heat and die more often then any gen before this one. Maxing out cpu's and gpu's is killing the lifespan of computers, of course that is if you don't have the proper cooling system, but its not like everyone knows how to maintain their rigs, and even the ones who do, have to pretty much do open heart surgery on their rigs to get things going. Its not hard, but not everyone knows how to swap out cpu's, changing heat sinks, adding the correct type of RAM, and adding a liquid cooled system. The higher the specs of games, the more you end up spending on consoles and pc's.

Thats why I'm all for cloud gaming, sure you apes don't know how to shop for a good internet service, but I live in the middle of nowhere and Onlive works perfectly on my 1.6 ghz laptop. I just dont have a controller or I would be playing on the pc more often than I do. I bought Empire: Total War on steam cause I used to have a good enough rig to handle it, but it has perished, along with the ability to play it on my crap laptop that cost me $300. Sure a couple of extra hundred and i could've gotten a better pc, but thats the point, I'd be spending more money just to play a game I already have. :(

@Pandamobile, just went to last week, and the specs to battlefield 3 are a minimum quadcore processor. So ya, unless it went Onlive, which it obviously wont, you know I'm gonna just end up getting console version.

Pandamobile2604d ago

To be honest, I've never seen a game use more than 50-60% of a CPU.

GPU, yeah, I see my GTX 480 at 95+% on a regular basis, but GPUs all come with sufficient cooling.

Jormungandr2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

You're right, most of the work load has been moved from the CPU to the GPU.

I tell people to make sure they have sufficient ram and at least a $180 video card and they should be set for at least 3 years.

In fact my 4 years old (almost 5 now) Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz with 2 Gigs of DDR2 ram plays Crysis 2, DNF, and FEAR3 on max settings at 720p (one of them at 1080p... I just cant remember which one).

And all I did was slap a new $180 video card in it in April.

The days of having to build expensive machines to play the latest games well have been over for at least 3 years. It's time every one gets the memo.

dangert122604d ago

Why do we need a soluation to all platforms that takes away competitiveness also I am happier with psn then I am with steam. Its really good but i haven't really took the step and got any big games on it cause you don't really own them lol

Pandamobile2604d ago

You don't technically own any of the games you buy on PSN either.

BitbyDeath2604d ago

"Why do we need a soluation to all platforms that takes away competitiveness"

I agree, more diversity the better.
Keeps things interesting.

dangert122604d ago

but i can still get most of the ps3 games that use psn for the shop thats not the case with steam

Pandamobile2604d ago

The hell are you talking about?

caboose322604d ago

You don't really own ANY game you buy.

The same regulations that come with buying a game digitally, are actually the same for physical copies too.

You are technically just buying the rights to play the game.

Jormungandr2604d ago

takes away competitiveness?

I *really* don't follow how you came to that conclusion. If anything this would bring competitiveness back to the industry.

You do understand that the reason this hasn't happened yet (and likely never will) is that if every one could buy the latest multiplatform game and play it online with their friends regardless of platform then there would be no incentive for people who prefer PS3 to buy XBox 360, right? It also would mean cutting MS off from their lucrative "charge people for what they are already paying some one else for" business model (aka XBL Gold).

And if steam could be set up on consoles who's to say one of the many challengers that are appearing on the market now wouldn't be able to be set up on them as well? That takes care of competitiveness between services.

I really don't see how you could think this would result in less competitiveness.

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Letros2604d ago

Steam is damn near perfect.

Xof2604d ago

Except it's buggy, Valve has awful customer support, and it's library of games is awful.

Jormungandr2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Dude... put the crack pipe away. You've had enough.

Most of the problems games have now days that aren't a result of the games themselves being buggy is a result of the DRM that is installed with them. The same DRM that *isn't* installed with the Steam version... thus reducing the buggyness in the steam version. This is the main reason I always get the steam version.

And I've never had a single bug with Steam itself... I've had a few with games I bought on steam... but those were bugs every one who bought those games were having regardless of how they got it.

Library of games? What type of games do you play? There hasn't been a major game release in years that didn't have a steam version... and Steam is considered the golden land of indi games.

Awful customer support? Well... you got me there. I have no idea if their customer support is any good. I've never had to use it.

yamzilla2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

you must have ment sony and microsoft right???

How much is halo reach on xboxlive to purchase??'s only $59.99, what a freaking deal...////////s


Steams library SHITS on everything offered on psn, xboxlive and wiiware all combined and multiplied by 20....

consoles are dead brah, you didn't get the memo??

They are 6 years old dude, i don't even keep a car that long, but there you are, still hanging on....

keep telling yourself 720p or less with jaggies everywhere is just as good as whats happening on pc.

PC indie games look better than anything on console!

Bladesfist2604d ago

@Yamzilla Im a PC gamer (only own a high end PC no consoles) and you are an idiot and make one of the best gaming communities look retarded.

LNDCalling2604d ago

I do get some games bug out on Steam same as non-Steam games do so can't fault Steam for that.

In all I think Steam is good and the deals are great! I picked up 2 Borderlands Game of The Year Edition for like £4.90 the other day, you cant say no at that price.

Steam type intergration in consoles I'm for to an extent but there's nothing like opening the wrapper on a brand new game and slipping the disc in your console imo!