Guild Wars 2: Is this MMO shaping up to be the true WoW Killer?

Guild Wars 2 is the highly anticipated Fantasy MMORPG currently being developed by ArenaNet. Set 250 years after the first Guild Wars title, players must aid in reuniting members of the disbanded guild Destiny’s Edge in order to slay the undead Elder Dragon known as Zhaitan. Five Elder Dragons have wreaked havoc across Tyria and players will directly influence the fate of the world through their own decisions and efforts.

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notimetobeidle2605d ago

Isn't WoW just collapsing from age at this point?

Guild Wars 2 is battling a decrepit old man. A rich one, though.

JsonHenry2605d ago

I think this game is gonna make pay-to-play MMOs look stupid. It offers the same content, a richer story, better GFX, and no monthly fee. Each character has his or her own story to follow (not just the main quest) so the replay value is just as high other MMOs.

No, it will not dethrone WoW but it is gonna send shockwaves once the market sees the sales this game is gonna get and react accordingly in the future.

Aggesan2604d ago

Free 2 play mmo's are a myth. They all get inside your wallet eventually.

MMOGames2605d ago

When you still have over 11 Million subscribers I don't think you can call it collapsing, there has been some seasonal drops in players but nothing too out of the ordinary.

We just need something brilliant to come in and give most of us a reason not to go back ever again, and this is what I believe this article is about.

R_aVe_N2605d ago

If the game plays as good as it looks now I would gladly turn away from my other MMO games I am playing now. I played the crap out of the first one.


I played Guild Wars for 4 years before i stopped. I played WoW för 30 days went to level 61 before i stopped. WoW was so boring for me it was all about having the best gear, It did not have any cinematics or story didnt like it at all.

Spinal2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

I don't see nothing wrong with having both? I'm playing WoW waiting to see new expansion details but i also plan on buying Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR.

Considering GW2 is Free to play I don't have to cancel my sub to WoW for it. It's just about my free time being spread across more games.

I can see my console games becoming obsolete. Especially with the release of Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3 for my PC.

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