Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition DLC Announced

TheSixthAxis: Capcom has announced new DLC for Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. Up until now, the DLC has just been for things you can actually unlock by playing through the game normally. That will soon change.

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DaThreats3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )


Not this soon

Delriach3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Yup, it's pathetic for a company to add optional content to its game. Maybe if it didn't have anything of value like the MK Arcade Kollection I could see where you're coming from but that's not the case here. 3rd Strike is already an incredible value for its price and this just adds stuff that some people may not even care about. Doesn't seem like a problem to me.

It's certainly no different than what we've seen from other games in the genre, including BlazBlue for example, which had DLC announcer voices and palette swaps.

MaxXAttaxX3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Those 7 extra character colors were already part of the original game(by pressing start) and were now purposely left out to make you pay for it. That's bulls***.

And this:
"Unfortunately, the new colors won’t show up during replays and your opponent won’t see them unless they also have the DLC."

Come on...

Delriach3098d ago

Nathan, all 13 costumes are in the game. The unlockable ones need to be unlocked just the same way. You beat the game as that character.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33098d ago

Lol, were you expecting them to put it all on one disc?

MaxXAttaxX3098d ago

Never mind. You have to go to the main menu and go into "downloadable content" to switch from default colors. Kinda lame.

Still, they're just different color palettes. Paying more than a single $1 for something only you can see if no one else bought the color pack is just silly.

You could make your own custom ones in the CVS games.

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DeleteThisxx3098d ago

lol yeah, so if the DLC comes out later on it's more acceptable. Get over it man.

Ocean3098d ago

I'm sure someone will appreciate the DLC..not me though, wont be buying it

Happythedog3098d ago

I always play with original colors on all characters.