Battlefield 3: New Co-Op Details, PS3 Beta Confirmed

DICE has discussed the mechanics of Battlefield 3's co-op mode, and confirmed that the game will get an open beta for PS3.

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Dart893093d ago

Beta,beta,beta,beta,beta,beta: P.

Can't wait to try it.

subtenko3093d ago

Yay! Now I can play the beta full experience with out any slow downs with maximum graphical performance for the game. (unlike my PC) but its all good because I'll be able to play with my surround sound and a bigger screen. :D

Thanks EA

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KwietStorm3093d ago

That's getting really tired

DigitalxPiracy3093d ago

Yeah, because PCs are incompatible with both surround sound and large televisions.......

MidnytRain3093d ago


So did you agree or disagree? XD

MaxXAttaxX3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I don't see what's wrong with that. He said HIS PC. A lot of people don't have PCs that outperform current consoles, believe it or not.

A lot of people don't have their PCs hooked up to their living room and/or entertainment center (whether it's to avoid a lot of clutter or convenience of not hogging the only screen in the house).

Kleptic3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I've yet to see one person, be it personally or by a supplied picture somehow proving its actually theirs...that has a combination containing at least 3 of these items:

Their own place
A girlfriend or person living there that is not 'just a friend', a roommate, or parent
A pc hooked up to a hdtv in a living room in some sort of non ghetto way. (Hooking a pc up to a tv in your bedroom doesn't count)
An organized living space
A home theatre that actually has hidden wiring, and concealed components.

For some reason most of these variables are missing when someone says 'just hook your pc up to that hdtv like I did'...

Pixel_Pusher3093d ago

So no info on 360 beta then?

Spitfire_Riggz3093d ago

As a matter of fact my friend, a PC can play games with THREE, one.. two.. THREE big screens... SIMULTANEOUSLY!


2pacalypsenow3093d ago

Why so many pc gamers feel threatened when someone who doesn't have a gaming pc say they enjoy games on consoles? I own a ps3 xbox 360 and a gaming pc and could care less if someone enjoys it on consoles i know i will enjoy it on pc and thats all i care about.. @Spitfire_Riggz U know how much money you need to even be able to run a game with 3 monitors theirs like 2 games that even use more than 1 monitor that are relevant

MaxXAttaxX3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

That was both a classic insecure PC fan response and quite irrelevant to the topic.

Now you're hogging more than one screen and added more wiring into the equation, lol.
And how many games actually use this? And is it really practical to have 3 "big" screens running the same game in a living space.

More like "self-owned".

subtenko3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Ok people, I'm up for anyone buying me a more powerful PC than what I currently have. I take and appreciate gifts! :) If not the PC at least give me surround sound for my PC? I use headphones most of the time.

I have a 2009 computer if you need to know. So my PC gaming setup isnt like alot of peoples today. I do game on home consoles too though. But still..Im seriously up for any donations :)

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miDnIghtEr3093d ago

Will they ever mention and show anything about this game on 360? I'm starting to get nervous this will be gimped on the 360, and PS3 is the way to go on this one. Besides of course a great PC.

kcuthbertson3092d ago

Welcome to the world of Skyrim for PS3 lol.

juggulator3092d ago

To be honest it's kind of a console war because BF3 and MW3 are going head to head. Activision has always favored the 360 when it comes to COD and EA and DICE are now all over the PS3 because of it. You notice how they aren't showing any 360 gameplay, thats because they're trying to make it very clear that they're going up against Activision and COD. Also I heard about DICE using SPU based shaders for the PS3 version. Plus you can check the latest issue if GI, they have an article about the mudslinging going on between the two. Don't get me wrong though, BF3 will look great on 360. It may even look better than the PS3 version. But just know that DICE want to make sure that BF3 on PS3 looks better than MW3 on 360.

JoGam3093d ago


gedapeleda3092d ago

If I uderstand corectly open beta means no codes?

pixelsword3092d ago

Well, it's EA, so who knows...

otherZinc3093d ago

So EA/Dice, let me get this right: co-op will be a Linear as Hell experience, right. This is some side linear mission BS!

I'm so tired of this new wack-style co-op.
Make a true story campaign co-op.
Make the co-op like Halo or Splinter Cell; where we can operate all over the place flank the enemy.
Thanks for saving me some money Dice/EA.

However, I will give the game a try, but its not looking good from where I sit.

Jonoc333093d ago

you're acting like Co-op is the entire game. aren't you forgetting the singleplayer and multiplayer?

Spitfire_Riggz3093d ago

I agree. Not a big fan of the spec ops style of co op. Its just so bleh. Gears of war, Halo, Killzone 3 co op! Thats fun. (kz3 had splitscreen co op right)

arjman3093d ago

If you're buying Battlefield 3 for the co-op only then you're a fool.

Multiplayer is where it's at.

3093d ago
Dee_913092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Did they ever announce a date the beta will be available ?

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iamnsuperman3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Is this online or single player beta. The single player is my concern. I tend not to buy multiplayer games. Mainly I love single player games but also of Wifi's weakness of thick walls

tunaks13093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

i wouldn't invest in BF3 if your not into its multiplayer, because its (almost) all you will be using it for.

iamnsuperman3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I know but if the single player is good enough then I will buy so I want to know if the beta has a single player level. I definitely will not buy it when released for the reason you stated (also UC3 and ACR) but in Jan or Feb maybe depending on what the single player is like

fooxy3093d ago ShowReplies(3)
KwietStorm3093d ago

It's a first person shooter. If that doesn't answer all your concerns, you're in the wrong genre.

qwertyz3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

SONY has a marketing deal with EA thats the reason we haven't seen the 360 version although DICE said both console version will be the same just like MS has a marketing deals with Activision and sometimes ubisoft, bethesda softworks and other developers. so what are you talking about ? you are just taking out of your arse

the pc version still makes the ps3 and 360 versions and all ps3 games look like ps2 games anyway lol I forgot crysis 1(even without mods, crysis warhead, metro 2033, witcher 2, shogun 2, gta 4 with mods and crysis 2(even without directx 11 patch, mods or high res texture pack) already look a generation ahead of uncharted 3, gears 3, crysis 2 console version and all your other console game :/

even bulletstorm on pc looks better than anything on consoles so pc it is(at least for me)

cyclonus0073093d ago

We get it.

Your up to date PC is better than 6 year old console tech.


thespaz3093d ago

Yeah, I'm getting sick of these comments too. Good for you man... you love your PC and it's up-to-date graphics. Lemme tell you something though.

I used to be a PC gamer and switching to console has made me enjoy games now.

1. I love how I can turn on my PS3 and be starting a game within seconds.
2. Keyboard and Mice are not comfortable (to me)
3. Moving the camera around with analog sticks is way smoother looking (because you don't get the jitteriness of the mouse tracking)
4. I can be sure that my system will play the newest games without even having to upgrade anything
5. There's no driver updates, system incompatibilities, OS incompatibilities, no key codes.
6. No graphics tweaking/tinkering (I think I spent most my time tweaking settings on the PC instead of playing the game).
7. Playing with friends (None of my friends had good enough PCs at the time to run the new games that I was playing or they didn't game on PC anyway). I also find it easier to convince someone to buy a console than a PC
8. You have piece of mind that when you buy your console, you know there will be titles releasing for it for 10+ years without ever putting any money into it.

Graphics are way overrated. Pop in the disc and play the friggin game. Stop walking around looking at the floor to see how high res the textures are. People are ridiculous.

chak_3093d ago

Oh please thespaz, I do the same on my good PC.

1/ press power, go to pee, windows's booted
2/ personnal choice, I can't stand a pad in many games
3/ same
4/ Yeah, like you're FORCED to play at max details on PC. Any PC since 2006 can run any game. Beautiful or in low, but it runs, you don't have to max it if you can't
5/ It's getting very very rare with win 7. And when it happend changing driver takes what, 5 min?
6/ I don't do that at all, I check the option menu, set my preference and play. I least I have choice in what I can display
7/ matter of friend
8/ I'm playing 15 years old game, and I'll have games for years to come that my 580 will easily handle.

Seriously, stop thinking PC gamers are jerks, we just made the choice of playing on PC for many many reasons. You can deny them, but stop using such arguments

2pacalypsenow3093d ago

@chak_ people think pc gamers are jerks because everytime an article like this comes out people like qwertyz come out with their Pc dominate consoles cuz of fps/dx11/1080p blah blah blah comments we get it pc's are more powerfull i Have one myself with a GTX560 but i have more fun experience on my ps3/360 cuz all my friends dont have 700+ dollars to build a decent computer graphics are not all

chak_3093d ago

we sometimes act like that because console players tend to considere they get the same thing for 3 times cheapers, which is absolutly not true.

But we're gamers at heart

thespaz3093d ago


I have a very good PC as well, but I still don't like using it for gaming. Everything is just so much easier on the PS3.

Drivers are a headache too and sometimes it doesn't just take 5 minutes. You update your graphics drivers to play the latest game, then you go to play an older game and there are new graphical glitches that weren't there before the driver update, so you roll back but then you can't play the new game, so you either have to leave the old game behind, or not play the new game.

The thing is, when I gamed on my PC, I was obsessed with graphics, textures, framerate and shading so much that I was always tweaking things to get everything just right. To me, that's just how I was... I was too picky with my PC games. Then, when I moved to console, I didn't have the option to adjust things, so I just played the game and it made me take my mind off of the graphics to focus more on the actual game-play and story. Plus, there are a ton of great games that PC users are missing out on by not using a console.

Skate series
Uncharted series
Infamous series (insanely fun)
Killzone series
Little Big Planet series
Red Dead Redemption

Yeah, so enjoy your PC... it's just not for me. Graphics aren't everything.

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shaun mcwayne3093d ago

single player beta is called a demo.

Szarky3093d ago

Upgrade the router man, it's like 125-150 for a really good one.

Szarky3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Such a shame to miss out on such a great games best feature over "walls"

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Enzo3093d ago

Sweet I can't wait :)

RaptorGTA3093d ago

I'm pretty sure it was known by all that ps3 was going to get a beta so I don't understand why you'd put "beta confirmed" on your headline...oh.. so you could get a few more hits...I see..

asyouburn3093d ago

For real, right? I think the ps3 beta was confirmed right about the time reserve spots for it came packaged with medal of honor

IM_A_NINJA3093d ago

Isn't a September beta a little late to actually fix any issues that come up with the retail game? Usually beta's are at least a few months out from release, like the Gears 3 beta was in May, and it releases in September.

Anyway, just my two cents.

Hockeydud193093d ago

Well they had an Alpha Beta on PC so I bet that helped quite a bit. BC2's beta was pretty close to release as well if I remember correctly..

xPhearR3dx3093d ago

An Alpha Beta? How does that work? It's either an Alpha or a Beta :/

BC2's Beta was in November, the game came out in March. So that's roughly 4-5 months before release.

Kleptic3092d ago

'beta' gets thrown around more as a marketing tool than anything else you just pointed out... an 'alpha beta'...makes zero sense if the terms are being used the way they are supposed to...

EA/DICE did a 'beta test' of the 'alpha build' for PC...beta doesn't even need to be in there, as it was simply a 'test' and to the public's knowledge; there is yet to be an actual beta build of the game that we know of...but its obvious if it was a alpha build of the game; the test was only to increase hype for the title in the first place...which is what 80% of betas are used for anymore...they are just a multiplayer demo...

but I wouldn't say September is too late for a beta test of the game...Insomniac just opened their beta test of R3 up to the entire PSN public tuesday, and the game ships next week...What is pretty much a given is that any changes made to the game will be through means of a release day patch that you download when you get the game...not the greatest way to handle it, but its better than nothing...

dead_eye3092d ago

They have untill release day to fix anything with a patch. Or a few months if it's cod.

Kleptic3092d ago

yeah, if EA/DICE wants to follow Activision/Treyarch's path...they will release a premium beta that costs $60 on consoles...and slowly change things, a lot of which have nothing to do with what the customers want changed...

JeffGUNZ3092d ago

Really, you have to bring up COD? Come on.